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4G connection issue

Star III
I bought Asus Rog phone 2 Strix edition for few days ago. The problem was when I used 4G for a few min its switched to 3G/plus. What l have to do is switching my network between 2/3G to 2/3/4G then 4G work. But in few min is switched to 3G again.
Anyone have some kind of issue?


Hall of Fame III
Can you please download an app like this one and check if it wants to prioritize some band with worse reception? Maybe you have the same issue as Cenimm.

Why is the phone jumping to b3 all the time? I have band 20 then is going back to 3 for 10-15min then it change back to 20for 1min and then go back to 3 and so on?

Band jumping 3-20
If you have the same issue, then I would like to log your phone as Cenimm still hasn't replied