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This forum died? Where is the moderator?

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Post a question, but I didn't see a moderator help answer and most of the questions. Or we need post the question at social media?


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It's mostly because ASUS has been releasing some serious dumpsterfires over the years.

Rog 2 - PM IC dying, SOC desoldering

Rog5 & Rog 5S - Dead Wifi due to Model overcooking itself, PM IC dying

Rog6 - Camera cuircuit breaking due to heat, PM IC dying

Currently the Rog7 doesnt have a disastrous issue (yet) so priority on the Rog7 forum is low. All the people who have the issues on the forums and who messeged the mods direcly because of those issues have higher priority.

The forums are quite understaffed as well given the mass amount of people reporting issues.

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The English forum is toxic in some parts with some trolls as you can tell.
It seems that the English forum mods want the community to feed on its own, which isn't working out well. Once your model is approaching or has reached EOL, you can expect the questions to be ignored by the mods here.
If you check the Traditional Chinese forum, you'll find that the Taiwanese mods are way more proactive in reaching out and replying to most user questions.
For here? Nah. Don't put too much hope into it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It's just an assumption but I'm quite certain the mods are paid way better in the asian community since there the Rog phone is also sold much more than WW.

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Community Manager
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