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Android 14 Beta or something?

Star II

Seeing that Android 14 OS is now available, I question if this is the COMPLETE or just in BETA phase? Cause seeing everyone here in this thread are having a lot of issues regarding the Android 14 OS update on ROG Phone 7, was about to reboot to update it until I decided to check on this forum just in case and I was right now to update it immediately after downloading it (Reboot Now). 

Now my worry is in the 2nd pic, will it update or reboot the A14 itself or it won't and as long as I don't press the Reboot Now. Hopefully ASUS would patch it up as soon as possible, seeing how many of ROG Phone 7 users are really pissed about it. 

Finally I hope this isn't ASUS doing it (ala iPhone users to purposefully downgrade their iPhones to upgrade to their latest ones) to their customers to "upgrade" to ROG Phone 8, cause that's just low blow given how expensive ROG Phones are (even Nubia Red Magic phones too).


Rising Star I

I think they didn't get enough people willing to participate in the Android 14 preview program and now they released us the BETA version as the official version to do tests on our phones that really ruined them. And this left such a bad taste in my mouth that I will never buy a phone from Asus again.

Star II

Why did they even bother releasing the Beta version of Android 14 knowing stability and performance are in question, well looks like I may have to not bother pressing the Reboot Now notification etc. until they ASUS updates it themselves to fix this issue via hot patch. Let's hope that I don't accidentally press it or automatically update without my permission, if they did something dirty then yeah ROG Phone 7 will be my last and switch either to Samsung Galaxy smartphone or Nubia Red Magic smartphone.

I do not know. Now this phone is completely unusable for gaming even though this should be a gaming phone and an expensive one at that. Even my OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite runs e.g. Call of Duty Mobile cleaner than this even though it has 6GB of ram memory and a Snapdragon 695 processor.

 Maybe on popular mobile games like CoD Mobile, PUBG Mobile, LoL WR Mobile, Mobile Legends Bang Bang etc. are affected by it, maybot not so much on other like say GRID Autosport or other paid games or even some F2P anime gacha mobile ganmes (Cause I'm not one of those FPS or MOBA users). 

But anyway the issue, hopefully they'll update it since there are 2 updates on Android 14 that are out (one is 2 weeks ago and the other is Feb. 23).  So let's hope they see to it that there will be another one, cause I will remind them the ROG Phone 7 video that they clearly stated that they'll have up to 2 years worth of updates to remind them that they have to KEEP THEIR WORDS.