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Before you buy the Rog6D, watch this topic

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Before you open your wallet, let others betatest the Rog6D for you.
Yes, the Rog6D sounds extremely good, long battery life, unparalleled gaming performance and seemingly many things fixed BUT, we still don't know if the issues on the Rog6 also are on the Rog6D, which are currently:
blowing up power IC
Attempting to nuke camera module.
I strongly advise to wait and see how its going to run on the longer term. Roughly 1-2months from now. Watch out for any reports of dead Rog6D phones or the like. If you find ANY reportedly dead Rog6D, refrain from buying.

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Yes, I was really looking forward to the ROG 3. I bought it and had the same display problem as everyone here. This phone could not be used. The display was completely bad. I sold it. Then in the meantime I bought Z Fold 2. ROG5 came out later and when I got tired of Z Fold 2, I wanted to buy ROG 5, but there was a problem with the motherboard, wifi and speakers stopped working. I think ROG 6 will be top and suddenly I read that problems with cameras and overheating will destroy the whole phone. Sorry, maybe it's not about the money, but it's about the fact that I want to buy a phone and play, and not after unpacking to look for 5 problems and whether they have been solved... it's very sad and I'm surprised that ASUS management allowed such machines saw the light of day. In the era of Steve Jobs at Apple, Asus management would have been out of a job.

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I know, I'm trying to make ASUS finally wake up, because if they want to, they can absolutely create one of, if not the best phone on the market. But for whatever reason the quality control department is either non existant or extremely incompetent.
I made a custom kernel to fix the display, so I'm still on the Rog3, as aside from mishandled calibration the phone is almost perfect.

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@Danishblunt , iam sorry iam talking in this topic with nothing related to it, i asked u before for any solution for the issue of black crash and you Directed me to your topic regarding defeating the issue, but i found no way to contact you nor a way to get my hands on the kernel, i have been living with the issue for two years now, and i don't care about my warranty, i just want the most out of this device's screen, please give me ur discord/twitter/facebook so we can discuss this issue further.
Iam on stock android 11, latest rog 3 update.

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What a fking shtshow. I guess this confirms it, ASUS is incompetent.

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