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Support 5G or just Marketing BS??

Rising Star I
As per above, kindly confirm if support 5G in Malaysia? If so, got Volte and Vowifi that goes with that? Really do not want the same fiasco as with the ROG5 and ZenFone 8 series which even as today does not support 5G in Malaysia 😑
But to be fair, they don't even work with Vowifi within the biggest network in Malaysia ie. Celcom/Digi, so maybe asking for 5G is a bit too much 🤔
Anyway, can the people in Asus please answer our queries as so far there has been no solution across all threads which were closed by default.
For citizens of other countries, maybe you should clarify the above regards to your country first as well before parting with your hard earned $$$ 😅

Rising Star I
So you have the sales figure or that just your own BS assumption 🤔
Yeap, they have issues with Samsung and Apple but all resolved within 3 months 😅
Not sure which Asus phone you having now but I have the ROG5, ZF8 and also the ZF8 Flip but they don't all perform the same even with the same Telco 😓

Zen Master III
You state and insist that ASUS is banned and still without any proof, the only official info is from ASUS Malasie, "we won't import the ZF9".
Sales figures for compact smartphones are significantly below demand, users want a compact but don't buy!!!
Only the absence of VoLTE prohibits distribution in Malaysia and VoLTE is active in the countries where it is distributed.
It's not worth continuing this post if you don't give any source, and when a government bans a phone, it's extremely easy to find the source, try
Colombia, iPhone 12 or 13 banned
France, S8 from Chinese Leagoo and X4 Soul Mini S from Romanian Allview
Germany, Oppo and OnePlus banned
And the cause of the ban by a government is light years away from the one you invoked 🙂
As for the figures, there have been around ten sources for many years, by country, by manufacturer and those where there is still a huge potential market, so you can understand why India is a priority for manufacturers.

Rising Star I
As previously clarified, Asus are not allowed to sell the ZF9 officially in Malaysia as they are not Sirim accredited, and you can check with the official website so what more do you want?
As for what Asus says, that's their perogative and they didn't give any reasons for their statement either, so maybe you can asked them to clarify instead?? 🤔

Zen Master III
Your statement
Latest update, seems the ZF9 been banned from Malaysia for now due to all the issues with their ROG5 and ZF8s, causing tons of complaints without any resolution
And As previously clarified, Asus are not allowed to sell the ZF9 officially in Malaysia as they are not Sirim accredited, and you can check with the official website so what more do you want?

The first declaration is false and without source the 2nd also, SIRIM could not reject it because
1- Asus said it will not market in Malaysia, so it was not sent to SIRIM
2- SIRIM accepts CE certications, so ASUS doesn't market it, they certainly didn't bother to send CE certications to SIRIM.
Here is an example of an official source and phone ban (Razer 2) and compliance requirements.
Sorry, they are in French, the equivalent of SIRIM for France
ANFR-Retrait de la commercialisation et rappel du téléphone RAZER PHONE 2 pour dépassement de la lim...
we are waiting for yours 🙂

Rising Star I
Thanks for highlighting your concern. First and foremost, our primary language is Bahasa Malaysia, not English, thus there could be translation error, but we shall try our best to clarify
Fyi, the announcement by Asus was recent but for the phone to be certified it needs to be sent for accreditation much much earlier. If you check the Sirim website, you will noticed that ROG6 has already been approved end 2021 😃
So what makes you think that Asus only suddenly decides to issue statement now?? 🤔
That aside, info pertaining to govt agencies are governed by the OSA in Malaysia, thus unless there are declassified, there will be nothing in the public domain. Hope you don't take the French scenario as the norm in Malaysia 😓
As far as we are concerned, officially ZF9 is not authorized by the authorities to be sold in Malaysia, or maybe ban is a different word where you come from 🤷