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Wifi & Wifi-Hotspot Not Working

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: ASUS Rog Phone 5
Firmware Version: Android 11 (18.0840.2106.86)
Rooted or not: Not Rooted
Frequency of Occurrence: All the time
So my wifi & wifi-hotspot suddenly stopped working. They won't turn on at all (the hotspot says Error when I try turning it on from this screen). I tried booting into safe mode (doesn't work there also). Tried restarting it several times. Not sure what to do anymore. I don't wanna lose data so if you know how to fix this, Let me know.

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It was really not expected from Asus ROG 5 since after 1 week of purchase I was facing problems regarding battery & now its time for "WIFI & Hotspot issue"
Does any of u facing this issue:- phone suddenly shut down at 20% & started charging from 0%.
In fact, Asus customer support doesn't respond regarding this new bug, they are just saying u should give ur phone & they will provide ur device after 15-20 days.
I don't think so any of u want to open ur device.

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Guys is it any solution for this WIFI issue please let me know about this.
It seems like ASUS is a wastage of money.

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I just read a news that Asus will be shutting down its operations in India, do we get any support or hardware replacement in that case?? I'm very disappointed after hearing this news. Why did I trust and purchased a flagship grade mobile from Asus.

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Not gonna happen
India is their biggest market after Taiwan
They would released their new products there second after Taiwan

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The latest software update on my ROG Phone 5 has the following issues:

1. WiFi icon won't activate upon tapping it.

2. Did a soft reset and a factory reset to try to fix the WiFi issue, nothing works- all the pre installed My ASUS apps have also disappeared.

3. Unable to restore back ups.

4. Unable to turn on WiFi

5. Can't make phone calls while downloading any app or data in the background using mobile data. The person on the other end can't hear me and I can't hear the other person.

Anyone else facing the same issue? I've purchased this phone in May 2021 and have been facing issues ever since.

There was a previous mic issue where other person on the call could only hear my muffled voice.

This issue got better after 1 software update in June. But the latest software update ruined my phone completely. I'm not able to use it for any purpose.

Also, I've used Aeroactive cooler while gaming for a couple of days. Could that cause this issue?

Any leads or help related to the issue described above?

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Can you please help me to fix this bug. Wifi & Hitspot couldn't turn on, please tell me how to do🙃

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Not gonna happen

India is their biggest market after Taiwan

They would released their new products there second after Taiwan

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Closure news was flash one so couldn't capture the link. But I can give you scenarios why I think Asus will be closing it's operations in India:
1. Some of users already reported in Twitter that few service center are closed from last week.
2. When I called to my nearest service center they denied to provide service and conveyed that now only one service center is operating in one of biggest city of India.
3. They have closed the online chat options in their support app.
4. I tried to contact customer care via call but the call was on hold for almost 45 minutes and then i finally give up & cut the call from my end. This clearly shows either they closed customer care or working with very very limited staff.
5. Asus stopped responding, I tried to call their regional manager, CEO helpdesk but no one bother to pick up my call.
6. My Consumer Court and Consumer Forum case is still pending from 10 days but they don't want to response. Maybe they won't be liable after shutting down operations.