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Wifi & Wifi-Hotspot Not Working

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: ASUS Rog Phone 5
Firmware Version: Android 11 (18.0840.2106.86)
Rooted or not: Not Rooted
Frequency of Occurrence: All the time
So my wifi & wifi-hotspot suddenly stopped working. They won't turn on at all (the hotspot says Error when I try turning it on from this screen). I tried booting into safe mode (doesn't work there also). Tried restarting it several times. Not sure what to do anymore. I don't wanna lose data so if you know how to fix this, Let me know.

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Even I'm facing the same issue all of a sudden from yesterday night. The version number is 18.0840.2106.86 I don't understand why this is not being addressed in any other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or anything like that?

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I'm facing the same issue. I was normally browsing in my phone when the device crashed and after restarting I am not able to use WIFI at all. As I try to turn it on it automatically turns off. Honestly it has been a big mistake to trust Asus for the second time after ROG 2 and buy this ROG5. I'm never gonna buy an Asus product again. Once again, Thanks Asus for doing such an inconvenience.

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Hi freakingrocky,
Check your PM for Wifi issue.

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Hi freakingrocky,

Check your PM for Wifi issue.

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Let us know too if something can be done, facing too much of inconvenience.

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Dear Asus,
Please provide a resolution for the WIFI not working at the earliest. It's pathetic to know my new device has had such an issue.