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Wifi and HotSpot Rog Phone 5 failure: Unofficial ASUS press release

Zen Master III
Dear users,
Our Rog Phone 5 Smartphone has been contaminated with the hardware variant of Covid-19, named RogCovid-19.5
The symptoms are unfortunately the same and the outcome can be fatal, we recommend that you go to an emergency service center as soon as the first symptom occurs. "Wifi remaining Off with switch On"
The service centers are unfortunately saturated, we ask you to be patient.
The RogCovid-19.5 like the Covid-19 does not like heat and confined places, ventilate places of use well or use it outdoors when it is cold.
India being the largest cluster, you can help by applying social distancing, by moving to cold countries with less population for example, Europe for example is little affected.
After the first vaccine in a service center or intensive care unit with a new unit, unfortunately, the Rog 5 can be affected by the Delta or Omnicron variant again, therefore a second and a third dose are necessary, the deadlines are identical to those of Covid-19, between 60 and 90 days.

Thank you for reading us, be assured that we continue to look for a definitive vaccine, while waiting, respect the barrier gestures and made a moderate use to preserve its health.