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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: Rog Phone 5
Firmware Version:
Rooted or not: NOT
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):
In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.
Day 1 Of The Problem: (19 August, 2021)
My ASUS ROG Phone 5 was delivered to me on 5th June. I took extremely good care of it. While I was gaming today, it turned off all of a sudden. It wasn't even warm at the moment. I remember the battery was well over 50%. There is not even a single scratch on it and it has no physical damage or has never been dropped ever. I tried rebooting. 

Power on button, power on + volume down hold, power on + volume up hold, power on + both volume button. None of em worked. 

Plugged in the charger, the led indicator was also not working. 

I almost had an heart attack. I read on Asus rog forum that other owners of this device is also facing the same issue. Those of who faced it early, had it returned and those who faced later like me had to send to service center. As I read it's a faulty motherboard on this device. I am not sure though. I have applied for a pick up & drop repair service. It will take well over 25 days to get it repaired. My question is I paid 58 thousand rs for a device I can play games on and have fun not this headache.
I am a YouTuber, so I bought it to make high quality content. But this was not what I was expecting. It's been only 2 months since I got it for God's sake. 
It's under warranty so let's see what happens. I'll keep it updated. God bless me. ASUS ROG don't disappoint me any further.

Update 1 : Day 2 Of The Problem: (20 August, 2021)

I went to my local ASUS Service Centre. They checked my phone for any physical damage, since it's in pristine condition with only minor scratches on the tempered glass, they took it to send to the service station in Kolkata. It's about 200km from where I live. I had to sign a document stating some terms & condition. After all the paper work, I was informed it'll take around 10 days and I'll be notified via message and email the entire time and I can even track my device as it go. So that's preety neat. Let's see what'll happen next. I'll update as I get more info.

Some images for reference:



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On 24 Aug, They called me and told me that my phone is fixed and you can collect it anytime. So, went there on 25th Aug, He handed my phone over to me, It was working. Thank god.

But, then I downloaded Phone Doctor Plus app, for those who don't know, this app checks for every possible sensor and hardware if they are working or not. Its like the benchmark test app. After which I noted that, Finger print scanner is not working, So I told this to service center person. He went inside with my phone, I was sitting there for half-n-hour and then he came back and told me, this is the first time I have taken ROG5, and your finger print scanner needs to be re-calibrated. I said ok but how much time it will take, he told me more 2-4 days. I was like shit man, Even I know that he messed up something because fingerprint calibration doesn't take that much time. He did something more worst to my phone, but what could I do, I told him to repair that asap.

Update: 26 Aug

I just had a discussion with the guy in service center, I asked him what happened, He told me he needs to flash an old firmware and try calibrating the fingerprint scanner because he couldn't do it on the latest firmware. So I asked him how much time it will take, he told me its downloading, its a 4GB file etc. I told him, ok give me the link i will download it, he said these are official links, We can't give it to you and other shitty stuff. He told me we download from taiwan server and the server is down, I can't trust this guy now. This is just insane.

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And how's your fingerprint right now?
Is it fixed?

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Same think happens to my handset It is brand new handset no any physical damage, It restart automatically and now it is fully dead I try to start by power button it is not working press 3 buttons simultaniously is started in recovery mode but when i select start option from there it was not start and it is not started yet then I will sent it to service cetner I got heart attack because I invest 50000/- Rs. that is my all savings and not able to repair it if they wants some money, it is under warranty but on service center they do not open set in front of me they told me they will check weather physical damage or water detection they will let me know, and they put the handset and provide me 1 receipt, but they do not open the handset without open they told me you may go now I will check and update you latter.
My hand last heartbeats I captured in video kindly watch this and let me know that was my fault or asus fault.
I recommended do not buy Asus phone instead buy Iphone

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And how's your fingerprint right now?

Is it fixed?

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Its not fixed yet, I believe, I called them today but other guy picked up the phone and told me the engineer who is working on my case has gone for lunch and I will tell him to call you once he comes back. This happened 3 hours ago, and I think he is still eating.................shitty asus. Worst regret of my life.

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I have sent a PM for users who are facing service issues.
I can check each case individually and help you out.

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As explained in my video because they rushed out the Rog5 it ended up being the disaster it is today. If Asus had waited and polished it, it would not have been the nightmare it is today. I hope they learned from this and make the Rog6 actually good.

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Hahahaha you are right. Do you have a recommendation for a good gaming phone that will last up until next 2 years. As what I can observe, this gaming phones gets old so fast because ogmf this games becoming heavier and heavier every update.