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Poor A12 beta recruitment program

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Hey Asus,
So far just a handful of people got a12 beta there is no batches after the 1st one...while many people applied most of them not got any mail that handful people who got selected and notified in mail in that people who replaced motherboard (including me)despite getting selected didn't got the beta OTA! And there is no fix Asus done for those people u r simply saying "unresolvable unknown error" what is this!!!!

Atleast make a 3-4 batches with some more people and add the people who didn't got ota despite getting selected and got the mail to the beta.

And please give a reasonable explanation for this post!

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I got mail with the forum link for beta and waited from that day till now and it's not fixed yet! How come after registering imei one will not get the fota???
Does it mean motherboard replaced device have some kind of fake imei ???if not what's stopping us from geting ota even after getting selected for the beta program?

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@Sibi I've sent you a PM, please check your Zentalk inbox.
Also, please refrain from discussing the beta program here in the general ROG Phone 5 forum section. Thanks!