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Been hacked how to removed it

Star I
My phone have been hacked and i can't get it off..from android 12 i have been down to android 11. Everything jas change in the system..please help me..

Zen Master III
Impossible to help you with the instructions provided.
Who tell you, you, a software (which one)
How did you find out?, hacked google account, other account?,
How do you think you have been hacked, installing a non play store apk, surfing malicious sites, opening a message.
What are the symptoms.
I could go on for several pages and certainly for nothing, 99% of cases with normal use are false positives from antivirus software.

Community Legend III
@Hermantz75 Not much to go on, but assuming you can still navigate your device, the most straightforward approach would be to perform a factory reset and start from scratch. After resetting your device, install antivirus software and scan your device again.

Rising Star I
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