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ASUS ROG 5 (Wi-Fi connection Problem)

Star I
Hi, I currently facing a problem
I have ROG Phone 5 (12/256GB) version, not the new 5s. So, my problem is, whenever I connect to a certain wi-fi, it kinda limits the bandwidth to my ROG Phone. I tried 3 devices: ROG Phone 5, Vivo Z1 pro, and Oppo Reno 4. Both Vivo and oppo connection seems fine, it hits 5MB/s, but in my ROG Phone, it only allows me to use up to 800KB/s.
The wi-fi condition is normal, I did not set it to limit the bandwidth to whoever connects.
I tried to restart the wi-fi adapter but it still occur, I tried to restart my ROG phone 5 too, yet the problem still occur. i did update my software to the latest version (18.0840.2112.210).
Does any one of you guys facing the same problem? or have a solution for this?
Does Asus notice this problem and try to fix it or not?
Thank you.

Rising Star I
Did you try factory reset?