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Asus ROG 5 - Voice disappear during calls

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1. Asus ROG 5 16gb 256gb Black
2. 18.0830.2101.86
3. No
4. Intermittent during calls
During calls I "disappear" for a brief moment, so the one I talk with cannot hear me. Then it's fine again, might just last a second or a few. It occurs randomly during calls, at times there are no issues for 15 minutes, then it can happen every second minute.
This happens with different people I talk with and on my old ROG (first generation) phone this doesn't occur with the same connection.
First I thought it might be due to how I hold the phone but it can happen on speakers too.
Anyone else experienced this?
Loving the phone otherwise, but this is rather annoying!


Star I
Hey man, I have the same problem, no resolution as far as I know...

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I have same problem, I think my Rog is a strange version, with strange firmware...

Star II
Same here..also does not work VOLTE

Zen Master I
Same here and no volte either