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What driver should I choose for better performance?

Zen Master I
1 picture: In the first picture I have 3 options,which one should I choose for more performance?
2 picture: In the second picture I have 4 options and they appear in each single app,I chose Genshin impact as an example,which one should I choose for better performance?
And last question,if system graphics driver isn't the better option out of all 4 of em,an answer to my first question would suffice
@Gustav_ASUS Sorry for the tag but I believe you might have an answer
@nightmaster552 Sorry for the tag,but since you are rooted you might have looked inside the phone a bit more and maybe can give me an answer

Hall of Fame I

Idk if it was a psudo effect, but I forced genshin to use the prerelease driver and it seemed to have more solid frames closer to 60 in the 5 or so minutes I played vs dropping down to 45 every now and again, but ymmv

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Use perfdog, that way you have actual statistics.