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Please Enable VolTE/VoWifi in indonesia

Star I
Up, my thread at this ( has been closed, so @Gustav_ASUS or any asus team have update information about this? I think its not hard to enable VoLTE in indonesia when some country got VoLTE enabled on previous update..

Its already 1 month+ for me always use phone with 1.000.000 indonesian rupiah for calling or messaging when my super phone with 10.000.000 (rog phone 3) indonesian rupiah cannot handle what some potatoes phone can easily handle it.. phew..

Rising Star II
I have asked the same for my country (Spain) and they do nothing .. it is unfortunate. I do not understand it is because a phone that has cost me € 1000, does not have VolTE. And as you say @alfi.nagashi , phones less than € 100 have it .. Please enable VolTE more quickly. They go to a country for update ... at this rate, change phone before they enable it ..
Please enable it quickly. If not, users will switch phones before they enable it and it won't be worth the work anymore.