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VoLTE/VoWIFI support

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Hoping that ASUS decide to include these settings to support Australian carriers in the next firmware update (when ever that is??) .
If I am reading correctly they certainly have included support for Australian and other carriers in the ROG 5 firmware according to the Qualcomm modem mbn config files.
As other users have stated this is a very basic feature in budget phones and I would have thought been there in a flagship phone. Telstra here in Australia certainly don't have a white list per say as to who can and can't have VoLTE access and VoLTE access is automatically enabled on Telstra accounts there end.


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Singapore too! volte is a great tool

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Wow not even a generic thread response from Asus on this one .. about as slow as their support / updates lol

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Don't think they really care to be honest.

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Wait for android 11 they might add support for extra carriers there

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.143 update and still no support for Australian carriers for VoLTE !!!! 😟