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Twin View Dock 3

Star II
I purchased the Twin View Dock 3. It appears to lock the refresh rate at 120hz. Is there a way to fix this to get the full 144hz?

Community Legend III
The Twinview Dock 3 supports 144 Hz to match the display of ROG Phone 3.
Are you sure you did not buy the older version of the dock released alongside the ROG Phone II?

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In order for the refresh rate to be changed, you must detach the phone first from the dock.. Set it to 144hz and the dock will likewise be in that setting... That is the issue that they have not resolved... Please help me with my concern Gustav.. Merci

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Is the game "Mobile legends bang bang" compatible with TwinView Dock 3 ?


Community Legend III
@Vallik3223 @cnoberio You are correct. The way the TwinView Dock works is that it matches the chosen refresh rate setting of the phone when you connect them. If you want to change refresh rate, you need to disconnect the phone and reconnect it again after toggling to 144 Hz. This is not considered a bug, but a tad unintuitive perhaps.
@markosmiro105 Let me check and get back to you.