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Thoughts on ROG 3 after 2 months

Star III
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For what it's worth I thought I'd give my thoughts on this beast of a phone after just over 2 months of use.
Overall I am impressed with this phone. Especially considering I only paid 500GBP. It is the tencent version and so that price does come with few caveats like no warranty and fewer frequency bands.
The most impressive aspect of this phone is the battery life. It regularly gives me ~9 hrs SOT with fairly heavy usage. Very difficult to kill it in one day. By far the best battery life of any phone I've used.
Performance is also excellent. Everything from scrolling through UI to intensive gaming is very smooth. The first month I had it I played games more than I usually do. Probably because the air triggers made games like CoD more fun to play. I don't game as often now and so I don't know if I would notice any performance difference in non-game related usage between this and say the pixel 4xl that I used to own. One thing I would say though is that whilst gaming the phone rarely feels hot.
I've talked about the camera in other threads. It's good but I'm not a fan. The colours are slightly too saturated and the white balance is hit and miss. I guess I just like the pixel style. I know Asus can do good phone cameras from the quite positive reception the zenphone 7 has received.
I'm sure all of you are well aware of the issues surrounding the display. You don't have to spend very long in the forum before you come across a thread on it. Initially black crush was not an big issue for me. I know it's there but it didn't seem to impact me as much it has others. However, I am starting to notice it more and more. It's been bad enough for me to dust off my old pixel 3xl just so I can watch something on Netflix without black crush ruining parts of it.
One thing I have not gotten used to is the heft of this phone. It is not comfortable to hold for long periods of time. I have dropped it on my face once while watching something in bed and it nearly knocked me out. You really notice the weight when you pick up other phones.
I've said this before and I'll say it again: the minimum screen brightness is too damned high! Not pleasant to use at night. This is another reason I switch to my pixel 3xl when viewing things in the dark or in low light.
I applaud Asus for providing a near stock android experience. It is very clean and smooth. Some people like extra software but I prefer a bloat free.
In terms of design I'm not a fan of the light up logo on the back. I've never turned it on and it makes the cases look ugly.
Saying all that, I'm not sure if I'll keep this phone. The increasing awareness of black crush, the weight, min screen brightness and the camera might persuade me to sell it. I am not enough of a gamer to really appreciate the performance. I am also slightly worried about its lack of waterproofing. Despite some videos on YouTube showing it surviving splashes and spills I hesitate to take it out when it is raining. Anyway, I might just wait and see what the December update brings in terms of display improvement before I make up my mind.