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Snapback issue ROG Phone 3 Kunai Controller 2

Star I

When I've connected the kunai Controller 2 to my ROG phone 3 which allows me to use their in-system key mapper, I'm noticed the left joysticks does some weird bounce back input.
Example :
If I want to move my character to the left, I'll first push the left joystick to the left and release.
it first register a sliding input from neutral to left, and then it will register a second sliding input from left back to neutral ( right respectively)

I find this extremely troubling and it prevents me to play any games with the controller. Imagine moving forward and suddenly your character moves backward because you released the joystick. Has anyone experienced such issue? As this problem literally made this piece of extremely expensive 129usd controller into a piece of junk.


Community Legend III
@mph2420 It shouldn't move the character when it goes from left -> neutral, should it?
Which game are you referring to by the way?