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ROG Phone 3 Connect to TV

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my screen is black and i want to save my data before i send the phone to Asus. Now i want to connect the Phone via a USB C to HDMI Cable to my TV. (I also used a USB C OTG Hub with HDMI Port)
I only get a Republic of Games Logo if i press the On/Off Button. If i connect my Huawei P30 i see my Lock Screen and i can Unlock my phone.
I used both USB C Ports, on bottom Port i dont see anything and with the side Port i see the Logo.
Anyone have a solution?
Thanks 🙂

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@h3llh0und That's strange.
The reason you're only seeing a ROG logo is (most likely) because the screen mode is set to TwinView or Tablet mode. The setup you're describing (USB-C to HDMI) should default to mirror mode however.
Do you remember if you've previously connected the phone to your TV and changed the screen mode?

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@Gustav_ASUS No I didn't change anything. I didn't connect it to TV before.

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@Gustav_ASUS No I didn't change anything. I didn't connect it to TV before.

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When you say you see the ASUS logo, does this only apply to when you connect it to your screen or also if you try to start your phone normally?
If its the latter, then its because the phone doesnt boot. I don't remember if the stock recovery had some sort of clear cache which could solve your issue.

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@nightmaster552 as my screen is only black I don't see anything 😔 but the fon is running as the led shows me emails and the alarm is ringing every morning.