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ROG 3 System Lighting

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Hi everyone.
I have a problem with RGB back light with notification:
I set the LED to blink as a notification appears, but most of the times it doesn't work.
However, with the notification still unread, if I press the power button to turn the screen on and then I press it again to turn it off, the back LED start blinking as it should.
I want it to start blinking immediatly with a new notification, the way it works now has no purpose.

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@Alz Razor We're aware of this and are looking to make it less hit and miss in a future update.
For now, what you can do is this:
Find the app you want to receive notifications for -> Long-press app icon -> App info -> Notifications -> Click on the notification that you want to trigger the LED -> Make sure it's set to 'Alerting' -> Advanced -> Enable the 'Blink light' setting.
You'll have to do this for every notification you want to trigger the LED. Also keep in mind that some apps will send the first notification as 'alerting' and the rest as 'silent', which won't trigger the LED.