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Rog 3 Internal Screen damage while playing game

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name:ROG PHONE 3
Firmware Version:Android 10
Rooted or not:Not
Frequency of Occurrence:Immediate
4 days ago my rog 3 started to fade out colour from the bottom while im playing genshin impact,,after i started noticing that i immediately force restart the phone and after restarting the whole screen went black..The day after i bring my phone to the nearest service centre and then leave it for further inspection. 1 day later the technician called me and said that my inner screen cracked and cant be covered by warranty,im very surprised to hear that as my phone never dropped even once before and i even used a bulky case ever since i bought it so i can guarantee the exterior phone is 100% smooth moreover i laid my rog phone on my gaming table 90% of the time as i only used it for gaming purposes so i really cant understand why asus ex flagship phone's screen would be so fragile that me and many others broke the screen without even knowing why..Anyways the technician charged me 220$ (almost half the phones price in indonesia) just to fix the problem that should be theirs and this is not my first time receiving a defect asus products unit , my previous rog strix hero iii laptop also has defects as the led light under flickering nonstop just after 4 months of use. I feel so stupid to give another chance to asus products even after that happened..So today i just received a mail that says they've repaired my phone and that i agreed to pay the service fee for 220$ (which i dont think i ever said that) what should i do now?? im so baffled by this situation any help would be appreciated..
p.s sorry for the long essay

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any help ?? @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS

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2 days in,,still no respond and not even a pm ,, i guess mods really dont care about their customers huh 😒

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Because there is no way a mod can help you, and second thing we can't be sure you told the truth at 100%