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New rog 3 update version 17.0823.2007.47 is not solving pubg multiple issue

Star III
Rog latest filmware update version 17.0823.2007.47 is not properly solving the touch issue while playing pubg. some time the fire button get stuck and the movement button is also get stuck it was so irrretating.. am just buying this for playing pubg and now am just regrating . It also always stuck at 60hz ,

Rising Star I
Pubgm is only at 60 fps for any phone except OnePlus phone button get stuck?..u use air triggers? For movement I doubt ..hmmm I was thinking it is happening becos of this phone size and I m habitutated to other phone ..

Star III
Am not using any air triggers ,and it's not about size , multiple time when i press on the fire button it doing a single fire and stuck. Firstly am thinking it happening bcz of its large screen but after a week i realize that it stuck sometimes..

Star III
Me too I have the same problem with Pubg Mobile, yesterday when I pressed fire button it did single shot and my enemies killed me, this appened at least 3 times...I don't have yet the update of the firmware you mentioned above

Star III
@dasn252 @abhip1986 For screen refresh rate stuck at 60hz, check if brightness less than 30%. In other post related to screen refresh rate, mod mentioned that at less brightness the screen refresh rate defaults to 60hz.
@abhip1986 screen refresh rate 60hz and 60fps are 2 different things.