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I hope those that signed up for the beta understand

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I hope the majority of our beta testing group understand what the purpose of the beta is. That's how to really improve and it also helps 3rd party developers.
I'm only saying this because there are a lot of that don't even know how to recover or install it. Just a reminder for those that will be running the test please try not to add too many magisk modules or if you can just run it stock for a better consensus and Asus actually fixes problems that are needed.

I'm not pew pew I just want the best for my phone and you should too. There are z lot of good videos on how to fill out problem or bug reports. And how to get the actual fault logs that you can give to asus.

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To get into beta in the first place you need to habe never unlocked ur bootloadet. So magisk mpdules and such isnt a factor

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Actually since the release of the first rog there has always been a public beta which is the one a lot of people usually see. Then there are the private groups that are sent invitations or requests from the hwbot and the registered xda developers. Who are asked to find bugs in the kernels. Because the rog phones are meant and known to be modded for maximum settings and modified. Those teams are also responsible for why it's been harder for people to port the rog version roms to other phones with similar packages. And even if a person in the public beta previously unlocked and was rooted. Being the first step is to do a full clean install. Using the service center system flashjng port wipes the history in the residual log.