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EVERYTHING wrong with ROG 3 Listed *Hot Topic*

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: Rot Phone 3 strix
Firmware Version:
Rooted or not: Not rooted
Frequency of Occurrence: often - always
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):
In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.
THIS isn't a blame or hate list. I bought the Phone i love it itself but we have to talk about some Problems we need to iron out, i will link this to REDDIT aswell so please lets stay objectively fair .

1. call quality
(i live in germany, Provider Vodafone Best one in germany) is absolutely Bad. My s9+ that i switched from sounds like 10 Times better, but when i call someone with WIFI (WhatsApp as example) its really good. Will this be ironed out?

2. We suffer from Camera degradation.
When i videochat my girlfriend with WhatsApp or similar Apps, the quality is so Bad, my face looks like it was destroyed and restored by a maniac from the US. i tried it with friends etc. Aswell, me and my friends looked like a gollum cosplay with styled hair.
3. Heat
Working in a Not climatised Apple Shop ( Asus ftw) my gpu is 45 degree, my System is about 38. Just but chatting with normal people the Phone gets Hot and my Handy rather sweaty

4. Dongle
It makes noises like when you hold a Phone to old speakers, the Sound will spasm out. It feels rather clunky and Not very tight to the USB-C Port. As a test i tried it with an iPhone dongle (working there in Apple Has benefits lol) fixes the Problem, but the Sound volume is totaly Garbage and low. We dont even have options to buy those from the Asus Shop, what the heck?! What happens if i get New ones from Support and they stop working?
5. Volume
Need to turn my volume really high for Youtube etc. But when i want to Listen to my music Player, you go sick, its like your ear drums exploding. Its damn loud. We need an Update or anything ASAP

We're talking about a expensive Phone with great technology, the Phone is amazing itself but we as customers need to know what will get fixed, not when but IF, and what Things will stay the same!
I bought the Phone like 1 1/2 Weeks ago, if i dont get significant answers or any at All in 2 days, me and my other 4 friends will return those Devices back, even though we're really happy having it, the cons draw back something beautifull yet amazingly strong. We can live with heat but we need fixed for All those other Bad Things.

*im sorry in case my german keyboard tried to correct words or uses capital Letters for no reason)

Thanks for reading, lets discuss, i'd love for the devs to join here!!.


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Phone heating is due to Heatsink, it transfers heat from battery and components to the body of the phone, it means its working well, and not trapping heat inside, check JerryRigEverything's video, they have thermal paste and all that. Check sensors it's not that hot. Also this cpu runs at 3.01GHz.
I also didn't face other issues that you're facing. Except black crush in netflix that they've said they'd fix.

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1- At the moment in Germany, we do not have VoLTE so I believe this could be why. Either that or there's something wrong with your handset because there's nothing wrong with the call quality in this phone

2- Do you have this issue on both 2.4 and 5 Ghz? What's your upload speed like on other WiFi?

4- Please call them again and if you get bad support, then note the time, whom you were speaking with and why the support was bad. Then you send us an email with your complaint and it can be handled.

5- Poweramp uses its own EQ which causes issues and conflicts with our EQ. There's a limit to the volume in our EQ according to EU regulations and so on but Poweramp bypasses that limit/protection. I recommend you set the gain in poweramp to -10dB or more.

6- I believe you find the answers above. We will help you solve these issues. I don't know when VoLTE is coming to Germany. That's up to the local sales team to solve with German carriers

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Thanks a lot for your answers again, im going to keep my phone. Thanks to your help i could fix two things already, sadly the support didn't write me today aswell. So im a hater of complaints but it seems like it would be necessary. I did talk to a nice women, but it's just always " we will transfer it to the right department <-- and then nothing ever happens again.

also my wifi is 5 ghz, i tried it with 2.4 aswell, but no change.

thanks for your time, also i've seen JerryRigEverything on day 1 with the ROG 3, im really impressed. I'd just love some minor improvements for certain things like camera etc. etc. How long does the software support stay for the ROG 3? Can we expect full 5 years like on apple products? thanks for taking your time.