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Charging connected device via USB

There is a notification popup "charging connected device via USB" that doesn't go away, and I couldn't charge the phone while this popup is shown i will have to do one of these workarounds to be able to charge the phone:
1) restart the phone while im connecting the charging cable.
2) Use the side charge port without restarting.
So what should I do to fix this?


I have seen this before, and we are still patiently waiting since June. Thank you

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Pretty sure they are hard at work every time I send them a new bug or issue, It's not like I can whip them to work faster, that's just unethical.

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Additionally, this notification also pops up when plugging in my wired earphones (with or without built in mic), onto bottom USB, aero cooler USB, side USB(when aero cooler isn't plugged in). End result = wired earphones aren't working.
Same build: WW.31.0210.0210.230
Edit: Going through the hardware test > Headset test, it displays an error prompt of "No headset found Connect your headset" even though it's connected.

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Any solution yet?

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