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Bypass charging feature not on my ROG Phone 3?

Hi all,
I am a new ROG Phone 3 user. For some reason when I play games and have the power adapted plugged into my phone, the bypass charging feature does not show up in game genie. I am on the latest software (17.0822.2005.11) or at least I think I am as it says that I am using the latest software. Is there somewhere in settings I have to tinker with to enable to function? Not sure why it's not letting me use it. Thanks.

Community Legend III
@brendancheungcp You are running very old firmware from around the time of release. Bypass charging was added in September, which is why you can't find it.
Since you're not getting FOTA updates, I suspect you might have a Tencent device intended for the Chinese market, that has been flashed/rooted by your reseller. If this is the case, please contact your reseller, as this is not a configuration that we are selling. We can't guarantee it will function properly and you will not receive FOTA updates as the model and ROM does not match.
See this thread for more information: