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Asus fix your Update politics...because many customers are very angry right know!!!

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...including me...because it suck and I can't recommend anything from Asus for the Future because your so lazy with the Patches that the damage is already done...still stucking in December Patch is a huge let down...
Can't recommend any Phones from your company in the future to anybody just because of this.
It's my first, but maybe also my last Asus product if this isn't gonna be fixed immediately...
And stay constant with your Patches...because now I think anyone who will buy the ROG 5 will also have the same issues...and even more....!!!!!!

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And considering literally *every single review* for the rog 5 and 3 listed their update policy as a something they lack, you'd think they'd get the message by now /shrug.

I'm not even wanting an update every single month without fail, just some transparency or a roadmap, even literally *anything* is better than "we'll have it soon"(define soon)

Or like, a list of what's being worked on instead of literally nothing at all.

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This is something I have criticed some time ago as well, and gustav did mention he would like to implement some kind of reporting what the devs type of thing but so far nothing happened. I think transperency is the key for a happy community, people arent frustrated that stuff isn't being done, people are frustrated not knowing anything.

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Have you tried visiting Asus Service Center for an update? 😂😂😂