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Unable to register ZenWifi AX6600 XT8

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System: Wireless Router 2 Units
Battery or AC: N/A
Model: ZenWifi AX6600 XT8
Frequency of occurrence: N/A
Reset OS: N/A
Screenshot or video:

I have read relevant posts that relate to registration issue. I am using the S/N mentioned on the box.

The web application throws this error:

On the other hand, I stumbled on which to my surprise does recognizes the same S/N


Please help. I need to register this product.

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Purchased a AX86U model recently and same error message trying to register. Same serial on box, the VIP Member notice, and the device. Tried the warranty tool as well. In my case that’s telling me to contact support. For grins I tried registering an older monitor and got the same serial number error. Thought maybe it’s because I was having issues verifying my account but sounding like it’s a larger issue going on.

Zen Master I
Hello both, i don't have your model routers, but in few cases, the BOX serial number is different from router login page serial number.
so if possible, login the router page, and get the correct serial number in the device summary

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Thanks for the response, Raju. I have searched the router web app and iPad app, thoroughly. I could not spot a the option to list the S/N.

The actual routers are working very well in my setup. I have also thrown in a 3 year old RT-AC86U in the mix. It's amazing how far the AiMesh 2.0 feature has come along.

Crying shame though we are suffering over product registration for such competent and robust devices that ASUS manufactures.

I spent total 40 mins trying to get through Asus support over phone, waiting..and..waiting..and..waiting.

I am liking my recent setup so much that I am now desperate to register and secure some peace of mind.
Hope mods come in for our rescue. 😥

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Dear all,
Please kindly try again.
We have been working on the system technical issue.
If the registration still fail, please let me know.
Thank you.