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Ryzen 4800H (FX506IU) stutters every 4-5 hours

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System: Win 10
Battery or AC: not matter
Model: FX506IU
Frequency of occurrence: every 4-5 hours.
Reset OS: +
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
For the 6th month now, there is no solution to the problem with stuttering sound and images on the TUF A15 (FX506IU) laptop model with Ryzen 7 4800H processors. I have already changed all the parts of my laptop at the service center, but the problem persists. If someone has this problem, like me, let me know, let's help Asus understand that the problem is not iron marriage. I have met many people already with the same problem. For many, it is solved by removing the IDE ATA / ATAPI driver from AMD, but removing this driver did not help me. I ask Asus to clarify the process of solving this problem, because now I am being asked to send my laptop to Taipei, without saying anything about refunds, very funny)
If you are also somehow connected with this problem - let me know here! Otherwise, the problem will not be solved!
Asus! Wake up! It's just a BIOS or driver problem! Take the situation into your own hands!
Who did not understand what I mean, below I will leave links to posts where the problem is described:
(Thanks to Asus for the ability to conveniently post links)


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I have the problem too, only a lot less frequent (about one a week now). My friend has FX506II (the ryzen 5, 1650 ti version) and it has the problem, once in about four days.
I will let you know the fix if the stuttering does not accour anymore.

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I just want you to know that Reddit is teeming with records of this problem, so many people experience it. And not only on the IU, but also on the IV and, maybe, some other models.

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There are a lot of them. ETC!

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I also found that reinstalling the BIOS kind of "resets" the timer between stuttering, I reinstalled the BIOS and literally an hour later I was overtaken by a stutter again. Also, none of the BIOS versions, starting with 305 and ending with 314, solve the problem. Just as resetting the BIOS settings does not solve it