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RT-AC88U router admin pages are blank without working Internet

Star I
From my Windows 10 PC on the LAN, I access the RT-AC88U router either by IP address ( or by "".
This works, but ONLY as long as the router has a working WAN connection to the Internet in general.
But if I connect to the LAN, and the Wi-Fi shows "Connected, No Internet", I can still connect to other local devices like printers and NAS drives, but NOT the RT-AC88U Router Admin pages.
The only thing which displays is a blank page. There is no indication of errors in the Firefox browser console.
This concerns me, as I still want to be able to administer the router without a working Internet connection.
What configuration setting(s) in the router need changing for this to work?

Rising Star II
Hi there,
Thanks for contact us.
Since here we mainly discuss laptop, I would suggest you contact our call center to have immediately technical support for your router.
Hotline: 1-888-678-3688
Chat Support:
Hours: Monday - Friday, 6AM - 9PM PST
Saturday - Sunday, 6AM - 5PM PST
Thank you