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Power Plan Changes automatically to battery saver every time

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System: Windows 10 2004
Battery or AC: Yes
Model: TUF FX505DY
Frequency of occurrence: Everytime
Reset OS: Done
Screenshot or video: Nope
Detailed description : In my Asus TUF FX505DY, whenever I turn on the laptop or put it on a charge or wake it up after sleep, the power plan changes to Power Saver. I have tried everything from cmd to registry to Clean Boot to even reinstalling windows, but none of them worked. I updated Windows, all drivers but that too didn't work. Even when I uninstalled Power Saver it forms again and switches to it. Can anyone help me for this?

Community Legend II
Hello SuperAndy777,
Does this issue happen at all level of battery?
May I have a screenshot of your power options setting and battery setting?
Thank you.