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I uninstalled armoury crate by mistake and now I cant install it. (Armoury crate came with the pc)

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I uninstalled armoury crate by mistake and now I cant install it. Armoury crate came with my pc. When booting her up for the first time it said armoury crate was installing but while it said this I could already start and use armoury crate. I thought there was something wrong with it so I uninstalled and tried to reinstall armour crate. After many failed attempts I have almost given up.
I have tried everything from disabling my antivirus, to updating my windows, graphics card and so on. I just cant get the installation to not fail.
The text on the pictures are in swedish. But they are mostly just there to show what it says when I try to install it.
Please help me!

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Hi there,
May I know which model are you using?
And please try to run the uninstall tool from below link first
Armoury Crate - SupportAnd then try the installer again.
Thank you.

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Hello i also have done the same thing and have same issue

i have tried using the uninstall tool and it gives me an error and will not complete the uninstall. it says uninstallation failed. Please click retry to run process again

ive tried to uninstall and ive tried a resintall and nothing is working for it

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i have the acutlog created when trying to uninstall but im going around in circles as all the "fixes" on the site do not do anything

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even using the armoury create uninstall tool fails

i really want to solve this issue but the software is so bad it needs to be easier to fix. I hope you can help please