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Confirmation 3G data can work on both SIM concurrently

Star I
APP Name:
Rooted: No
Frequency of Occurrence: -
ZF Model: ZB570TL
Firmware/APP Version: -

Hi all I currently have a Zenfone 2 Laser with dual SIM. Unfortunately if one SIM has been set to work with 3G/4G data the other SIM can work with 2G data only. This is a problem in all countries where 2G doesn't exist anymore (like Japan). In the specifiations of this Zenfone Max model is reported only one SIM can work with 4G data but is not very clear if both SIM can work with 3G data concurrently (this is the mandatory point to buy this model). Someone can confirm if one SIM is set to work with 4G the other SIM can work with 3G? Thank you P.S.: this is not a bug report but I didn't find a way to don't fill the bug report details above... P.P.S.: I posted the same question into the Zenfone Max M1 forum since I'm interested in both models and I don't know if there are some HW differences regarding the dould SIM management

Star I
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Zen Master I
Hi Suppaman, Sorry, could you help us clarify which ZenFone Max model you would like to ask about the 3G inquiry? Thank you 🙂