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Coil Whine issues with my Zephyrus G14 - So irritating

System: ASUS Zepherus G14 - GA401QM
Battery or AC: Both
Model: GA401QM
Frequency of occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Done and will not help
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:Just opened the new laptop and while starting what I discovered is the stupid Coil Whine with this laptop. When none of the fans are running I can hear the audible coil whine and when the fans starts Whine Stops and it's normal.
I bought this laptop for work and don't want that head banging Coil Whine Noise - So what are my options?
I am sensitive to coil whine and this is heartbreaking.
Any good help?


Rising Star II
Hi there,
What's you BIOS version?
Please update BIOS and all drivers to latest version.
Thank you.

Hey.. All my BIOS is up-to-date.. yet the problem still lies.. only way the whine goes away is to turn on the fans even they are running in lower RPM.. was looking to a way to use a custom curve with 5% fan speed and not zero

Rising Star II
Hi there,
When running the unit, there may some coil whine from the component.
If the whine is still disturbing you, I suggest you go to service center to do further inspection.
Thank you.