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RTX 4070ti

i bought ths tuf 4070ti oc edition sn R9YVCM01J976Y84 but its on the other persons account how can i register it for myself

Trev86 by Visitor
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Asus Transformer Pad TF300TG

Hello, I need your help with unlocking. Could you add my tablet to the activation whitelist. I used Mitmproxy. My serial number: C8OK********. In advance, thank you.

What to buy - ASUS new smartfone with offline bootloader unlock

Is there any asus smartfone with OFFLINE bootloader unlock?OFFLINE means:No Wifi required / network connectivityNo google logon requiredNo registration on some strange websites and waiting weeks after providing IMEI for unlock codeOFFLINE must work -...

hrd3 by Star I
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Multimode Optical Signal Dropping.

Hello Everybody,Recently we upgraded our camera to a Sony SRG-A40 4K PTZ Camera because it supports 3G signal using 3G SDI extender. This great and all, but, upon switching to full 1080p 60hz the signal kept dropping resulting in a pixelated flashing...

Resolved! Zenfone 3 serial number already registered!

Hello, is it possible to register an old Zenfone 3 Z017D bought from a 2nd hand shop since when I try I receive here a message that 'the serial number is already registered'? I am curious how old it may be and when expired its warranty. Besides I wan...

soryn by Star II
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Complete Zen Failure for support

After 7+ years of great whole-house mesh performance,  my main router finally failed.Easy. replace with latest zen router right? Nope. Could not get a successful setup. After 6+ hours of attempting, re-attempting, re-re-attempting setup, requesting a...

battery flat fast

Batery flat very fast. Within 2 hour, the battery status from 100% to 64% . How to solve . I open Whatapp web , Gamil and outlook . and without doing any window file.  

wkchew by Star I
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Memory clock gpu

Good morningI am having problems with my gpuThe frequency speed of it drops sharply from 6001hz to 801hz and in this time interval it makes my fps drop as well to 30 fps.Could you tell me how to fix it, it is very annoying the drops.PLEASE HELP ME 

Screenshot 2024-05-09 173336.png Screenshot 2024-05-09 180433.png
GEPBEN by Star I
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