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Asus ZenScreen not detected

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System: Windows 10 64 bit current update
Battery or AC:
Model: Asus N56JR & Asus Zenscreen MB165B
Frequency of occurrence: Every time
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video. I have attached screenshot
Detailed description:I tried connect Asus Zenscreen to my Asus laptop. I can see there is light on the Asus Zenscreen. but no matter i select Duplicate/Extend mode, it doesn't works.

i have download the driver and installed but it doesn't helps.
Any idea what could be happen ?
Thanks in advance.


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Hi Blake,
I was using Samsung Fast Charge Travel Adapter (EP-TA200). Below is the power specification
Input Voltage: 100-240 V
Output Voltage (Max, Normal Charge): 5 V
Output Current (Max, Normal Charge): 2.0 A

I will bring it to the Asus Service Center to have a check on this.

Thanks for the advise. 😉

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Hi Zheepern,
I hope there is a good result for you.
Thank you.