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ASUS TUF FX505DU laptop unusable due to fan noise

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System: ASUS TUF FX505DU
Battery or AC: AC
Frequency of occurrence: ALL of the time, unless the case is opened and fans cleaned SPOTLESS and it's only idling in Windows, until three days later when the "anti-dust" system gains dust again.
Reset OS: Windows 10
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:Ok guys. I've given (for me) a LOT of money for this laptop. Bought a ASUS ROG VG279Q monitor as well. A couple of days later it became painfully obvious to me that this has been the biggest mistake of my life, I did NOT expect it! Apparently ASUS tricked me with their (false) advertising. The shop where I bought it is THE WORST place in all of Serbia, "Gigatron" and they wouldn't take it back even after I explained the following:
The two fans my FX505DU has got are NOISY on anything above idle and once ANYTHING is loaded where some cooling is needed, the GPU and CPU fans spin like little jet engines and never stop. This noise makes the system virtually unusable, even sitting on a dresser way behind the monitor.
Both of the dies are, unfortunately, soldered onto the motherboard (another curve-ball!) so there is no changing /upgrading /whatever. IS there anything that I can do? Are they thermal-paste connected to their respective heat sinks?! Guess I could try changing that for starters?? So far, owning a ASUS laptop is a nightmare and I'm praying for something; besides getting those vacuum sealing externals fans - which I plan on ordering as there is no way to guard my investment besides of using it. And it's unusable at the moment.
Thank you for any ideas, or info. Please note that I'd consider myself a veteran user /computer enthusiast since the very early 90s, besides my crude writing here. It's 3:16 AM and I can't sleep, had to get back up after completing Deus Ex Mankind Divided (as if on some kind of nightmare mode, with the fans' function) and try to post here. Best regards from Belgrade.

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Hello nostromov,
Please kindly send your device to service center for further examination and repair.
Please refer to below link to contact our local team

Pronađite servis - Serbia | Zvanična Podrška | ASUS Српски

Thank you.