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System: Win 10 1909
Battery or AC: AC
Model: FX504GM
Frequency of occurrence: Always, All games
Reset OS: Yes
Screenshot or video:
Bios: v308
Detailed description:

I'm using a FX504GM (i5 - 8300H / GTX 1060). My problem is CPU Power limit throttling. (ALL PC Games, 25W)
Reinstalled windows and all drivers updated. but still throttling. Fan overboost mode is useless.


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Thanks to reply @AnthonyLee_ASUS .
Yesterday I replaced thermal compound (ZF-Extreme 14.6W/m*K) and cleaned the cooling fans. but same results.
And I ran CPU-Z stress test and OCCT GPU test.(immediately after boot and change Fan overboost mode)
CPU tests works fine. but while GPU load, CPU clocks down(Power drops to 25W).
I think this problem is Bios and EC firmware or Keyboard hotkey driver)
Other forums also discussing this problem.
I 've trided everything but it didn't change.
Please solve this problem.

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Hi @S.H yes, we found that the CPU is fine. However, we would like to asks few questions:
Did run any program during the tests above? Or you only set the computer idle during the tests?
We would like to see more test results when you are playing a game, especially the GPU tests result as well.
How many hours of game play before issue occurs? And does it happen to all the games you're playing, or only on a particular game?
Thank you!

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1 .Yes idle test(After boot)
2 . This is the result of GPU test.
▲Yes. it works fine. (GPU test)
but both stress test result is not fine......

3. I just start games, and It happened. (All games)

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Hi @S.H thanks for the test result. We have report this issue to our technical support group. Does the CPU drops happen when it reaches around 80 degrees? If you're not sure, please keep track of the temperature before drops happen. Thanks!

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Yes this is a problem that has been long ignored by ASUS.
This was also a problem in the variant FX504GE but after some Bios updates it was fixed.
Sadly for FX504GM users this problem is not fixed , I bought this variant in 2019 and has been hoping that they would release a bios update that will fix this but it seems like ASUS has totally given up on us.
My friend has the GE model and his BIOS is at version 323 while mine is still at 313 and last any update was provided to me for GM model was 2 years ago.

So its safe to say ASUS has screwed us.

What you can do to reduce this problem is undervolt your cpu in the range of -110mV to -150mV , during this you will get some BSOD crashes which is completely fine but you have to find that sweet spot after which the power limit throttling reduces to some extent but it always comes back after 30-40 min of playing any game.

I'll be graduating this year and will switch to a new laptop and one thing's for sure , it will not be ASUS.
The software updates are complete Dog**bleep** and there was also a common problem of the stuttering of the GPU fan which happened to a bulk of users both ROG and TUF(including me) , you can find videos on youtube about this.  

For anyone reading this if you need a budget gaming laptop , buy lenovo legion its what I got for my younger brother and there has been no issues till now with it.

One more thing I have tried replacing the thermal paste and pads (Noctua NT-H1) , cleaned the fans and bought external fans for better ventilation  , its of no use the issue still persists.

And for the users with the same model as mine FX504GM , be ready to be surprised if you have not opened up your laptop because the stock paste that ASUS has used look like it was done by a 2 year old with blindfolds on(excessive and dirty). There were no thermal pads on the capacitors just excessive amount of stock paste so good luck with that.

Well Done ASUS.