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Static IP for every LAN clients

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Hi. I have an Asus Zen Wifi XD5 router and I would like each device connected to the LAN to always be assigned the same IP address. How can I do this? It's about Raspberry Pi. Every time I connect them to the LAN, I would like to have the same IP address set that I can enter.



Hi @wjarosz ,

according to your issue, you can use the static IP configuration in DHCP. 

This ensures that the Raspberry Pi always receives the same IP address when connected.
You need to Go to LAN> "DHCP Server" tab

Then, you can follow the FAQ below to set up a static IP. 

How to check the IP address and set up a Static/specific IP address using ASUSWRT? | Official Suppor...

Thank you.

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Thanks Aureliannn also from my side for this information, an additional question is whether it is possible to enter custom names to devices with static IP address?