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Hide navigation bar / gesture pill

Zen Master I
I contacted the official Asus technical support in Spain to see how I could hide the gesture navigation bar. They raised the query to the engineers at the headquarters.
The answer is that apparently in this version of Android (12) this option is not available. I come from a OnePlus updated to Android 12.1 and it does have this option and I have seen on the network that there are other brands that do allow this option.
Something as simple as setting the height code to "0" (zero) value.
Therefore, I think Asus should add this feature. I've also read that people with the CN ROM have the option to hide the navigation bar, but I can't confirm this. If it can be done with the China ROM, it can be done for the rest of the regions.
If there are not the three navigation buttons, it can only be the alternative by gestures and that the bar is seen is unnecessary for me.
Sorry my english.
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Rising Star I
Yes please ASUS, this is much needed!
The navigation bar is unnecessary, ugly and disturbing

Star III
This shouldn't even be a question, we need an option to hide this unnecessary bar!

Zen Master I
Hey @Mattias_ASUS!
Any news?
The recent update WW-32.2040.2040.23 not include this option...
Come on ASUS! Pleaseeee

Rising Star I
I just installed A13 and I hoped it would be implemented there already, but sadly it isn't.
I'm still hoping for this to come to us, the white bar is ugly and unnecessary