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Export call logs and SMS/MMS exchanged into CSV

Star III
I wonder why the Phone application cannot export the phone call logs into a simple CSV file format, with start and end time, length of the call in HH:MM:SS and obviously also datetime YYYYMMDDHHMMSS, the called number and called name. Still not available on Zenfone 8. I guess using semicolon as the delimiter would be safer than a comma. Ideally use TAB.
Also include missed calls and calls from blocked numbers and rejected/declined calls. Users could then filter using Accepted/Rejected/Missed/Sent/Received status column value for the calls and SMS/MMS communication.
Also output SMS/MMS communication into the same CSV output. Users can filter whatever lines out if they want for example only table of calls and sum up the length of the calls with some person.
Length of the call could be in two columns, represented as HH:MM:SS and also as just SS (seconds). Everybody will sooner or later need to figure out in Excel how to sum them up so providing both values will be helpfull.

Rising Star II
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