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Here are the tips that help you to transfer your personal data and files from your old ZenFone device to a new one.


Migrating contacts, calendar, apps, and other settings
Enable your Google account, and have your contacts, calendar, apps, and other personalized settings automatically stored in Google Drive. Go to: Settings > Accounts then select Google and set up your account.


When everything is set, go to Settings > System > Backup and turn on Back up to Google Drive. The system will automatically back up your data when your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Please also be sure it’s plugged-in to a charger and in an idle mode.


On your new phone, just sign in to your Google account and the system will restore all of your backup data.

     1.  Backup and Reset feature of Google can only support the apps that have the built-in backup and restore function.
     2. Android's Backup and reset feature may vary due to different firmware versions. Please refer to Google website for more details.
         (The example used in this FAQ is migrating data under Android 8.0)


Migrating photos and other multimedia files
Move your photos, videos, music, and other files from your old phone to a new ZenFone wirelessly by using the bundled ZenUI File Manager. All you need is a Wi-Fi access point.
To enable this, connect your old phone to a Wi-Fi network, then launch File Manager and tap PC File transfer > Start to generate the URL.


On your new phone, ensure that you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the old phone, then key in the same URL in the URL address field on your web browser to view the files on your old phone. Tap and hold the file/folder that you want to transfer then tap Compress and download.


When this step is done, you can retrieve the compressed files from File Manager > Downloads of your new phone.


Remember to update your File Manager to its latest version and get everything set up for the best experience with your new ZenFone

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