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Smart key is a physical button on the upper right side of the phone. You can use this button to easily and quickly activate the Google Assistant.


Smart key is set to activate Google Assistant by default. Please connect your device to the Internet and sign in to your Google account to enable Google Assistant.

Press the Smart key once: It wills call out the Google Assistant. The Google Assistant interface will appear on screen and allow you to interact with Google Assistant normally. This gesture is best for the short commands.

Press the Smart key twice: It calls out the Google Assistant with your personal updates displayed on Google Assistant interface, such as time and place of the next meeting, current weather, etc.

Press and hold the Smart key: It allows you to interact with Google Assistant in walkie-talkie mode. Press and hold the key while speaking, release it for Google Assistant to respond. This gesture is best for long commands.

Go to Settings > Advanced > Smart key and toggle to turn on.

You can also customize the Smart key. Each gesture (Press once, Press twice, Press and hold) can be customized individually. Each action can be set to be triggered by more than one gestures. For example, you can set both Press once and Press twice to trigger Google Assistant. Also , you can turn off each gesture individually or you can turn off the physical button function completely.

To customize it, go to Settings > Advanced > turn on Smart key > Customization.

Note: This knowledge is currently only applicable to ZenFone 6. Please stay tuned for further updates on our official website.

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