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Community Manager
Community Manager

Lock touch mode temporarily locks the screen from your touch.

This feature allows you to avoid the accidental touching on the screen and causes interruption while playing games in autopilot mode. Under this mode, the game will continue to run. In order to make the game last longer, it will also reduce the brightness.


To turn it on/off:

1. When you launch the game, swipe from the right edge (landscape mode) or from the bottom (portrait mode) to bring out the navigation bar. Tap the Game Genie icon.

2. Tap the Lock touch button to turn it on/off. The screen will show time, number of missed calls, battery level, and tips on how to unlock it.

Note: This knowledge is currently only applicable for ZenFone 6. Please stay tuned for further updates on our Official Website.

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‎06-10-2019 01:54 AM
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