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Rising Star II

Get the most out of your ZenFone’s calling and contacts features. With these tips, you can fully utilize the ZenFone to its full potential, saving you time, increasing your privacy, and even saving you from embarrassment in the meeting room!

1. One push to instantly silence your ringtone.

Getting calls with a loud ringtone during meetings? Mute them in an instant by simply pressing the power or volume button once!

2. End a call with a push of a button.

Fretting with the screen to end a call? There’s an easier way to hang up. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Accessibility then check Power button ends call.

3. Search and dial contacts quickly and smartly!

Use the dial pad to smart-search from a long list of contacts and dial your contact in no time! Just tap the numbers containing the letters of the name and the screen shows the list to place a call!

4. Get your favorite contacts in order!

Use the Favorites feature to group all your top contacts into one convenient location! You can group these contacts by simply tapping + and selecting those you want to save in your Favorites screen.

5. Search contacts easily via the sorting feature!

There are many ways to easily sort your contacts. Want to sort your contacts by source? From your Contacts list, tap Contacts to display and tap the source containing the contacts you want displayed on your screen.

6. Protect your eyes from blinding background.

Reduce eye fatigue when using your device by switching to a dark background. To set this, go to Settings > Personalized settings then check Dark mode. This is perfect for using your phone at night, or if you simply prefer a dark color scheme!

*In addition, you can also set your favorite font and backgrounds.

7. Protect yourself. Block unknown calls.

Worried about unknown callers? Prevent them from calling you with Block function. To do this, go to Settings > Call settings > Block function setting > Block mode, then tap Block unknown calls*.

*Private and unregistered numbers in Contacts list are considered as unknown callers.

8. Stop spam calls in their tracks!

Tired of receiving annoying spam calls? Put them in your block list with Contact app’s blocking feature. These unwanted calls will be saved to the Block list archive. From the dialpad screen, tap Settings > Block List and tap and select from the options.

9. Get the peace of mind you deserve with Do not disturb.

Customize the interruption settings of your alarms, calls, events, messages, and reminders with Do not disturb. Get whatever notifications you want, whenever you want. To configure these interruption settings, go to Settings > Do not disturb.

* After enabling Do not disturb, a crescent moon icon will appear on the status bar.

10. Talk to all with a Conference call!

If you need to talk to two or more contacts at the same time, you can do so with Conference call! Just simply merge these calls and enjoy the group conversation. During a call, tap Add call (#1) to call another contact then tap Merge calls (#2) to join all calls. 

* Conference call service and maximum number of contacts allowed may vary on the mobile operators.

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Note: The features may vary depending on models, hardware limitations or Android/firmware version.
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