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Rising Star II

Please follow the methods below to solve the battery power drains fast problem:

1 Activate power saver and battery saving mode.

       Enable Smart saving and select your preferred mode in Settings >> Battery >> PowerMaster >> Battery modes. 

       Note:  Super saving mode is recommended when other modes do not meet your requirement. 
       Please note this mode will disable the network connection when the device is suspended and it cannot instantly receive the message from instant messenger apps.

  1. Disable the network connections that are not used

       Disabling the network connections that are not currently used, such as Wi-Fi, Location, Network data usage, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Bluetooth and GPS etc.


3. Stop Background apps.

      Some apps which automatically start in the background may not only occupy memory, but cause system lag and drain th battery. 
      By managing these auto-start apps, ASUS PowerMaster helps release more memory, improve system performance, and save power.

      Settings >> Battery >> PowerMaster >> Battery-saving options >> Stop unnecessary apps.



4. AI Boost

Scrolling down the menu items from upper side of the screen to access Quick Settings and tap “AI Boost”, the efficacy of Intelligence Adjustment System


5.Disable Accounts auto sync.

        Disable individual sync function in Settings >> Accounts >> Automatically sync data.   

6. Sent to repair center.

       If the methods above do not help to your problem, please visit ASUS repair center for further assistance.


Other options in Settings:

  1. Adjust device Sleep Time in .

  2. Remove one of the installed SIM cards if it is not been used for a long time.

  3. Disable Auto-rotate screen in .

  4. Use darker wallpaper.

  5. Remove widgets that are not used on home screen.

  6. Restart device.

  7. Play Store: Open  tap upper-left menu icon .

  8. Google Now cards:  Turn off .

  9. Adjust brightness of display Settings >> Display >> Brightness.

  10. Close Live Wallpaper.

  11. Tap Recent Apps key and perform .

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