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Rising Star II

*Please be aware that after install this system image on a device, all the personal data will be erased, so please remember to back up your data first.

Step 1: Please prepare a MicroSD Card and insert to your phone and copy the downgrade image file into the root directory of the MicroSD card.

Step 2: Power off the device.

Step 3: Long press with"Power" key and "Volume Down" key together for at least 5 seconds to enter Recovery Mode.

Step 4: Please use"Volume Down/Up" key to select menu on the screen. Choose"Apply update from SD card", then press "Power" key to enter the selection.

Step 5: Search for the downgrade file and choose the selection of "Volume Down/Up"key, then press "Power" key to enter the selection, the downgrade image file will start to process.

Step 6: When the updating process is done, Choose"Wipe data/factory reset"and tap"Yes" to perform the master clear.

Step 7: Select"Reboot system now" to finish the process.

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‎06-10-2019 01:55 AM
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