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Rising Star II


The Selfie Panorama mode is available in the modes menu when you switch to the front camera. It allows you to take a 140 degrees wide selfie photo so you may snap all your friends together or landscape backdrops.

To take a Selfie Panorama photo, hold the camera as portrait orientation, aim the front camera to yourself and press the shutter button to start. A preview box will appear at the top of the screen showing the progress. Now, with your camera as the rotation axis, slowly rotates your camera to left or to right as you wish, to fill up the empty areas in the preview box. Be reminded to pause for a second when the camera reaches the blue position in the preview box so the camera is able to take a steady shot. The Selfie Panorama photo is created when the preview box is fully filled up, or you may stop by pressing the shutter button at any time.

Watch the video below to learn using The Selfie Panorama mode.

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