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Rising Star II

Experience intuitively customizable features using ZenUI Launcher on a device that runs Android 4.3 or above. Personalize your device in a uniquely functional manner using these quick and easy ZenUI Launcher tips:

1. Swipe up to manage Home.

Swipe up to launch Manage Home then tap any of the colored bubbles to start customizing your own ZenUI Launcher experience.

2.  Swipe down to search in a flash.

Swipe down to launch Quick Find. This feature lets you instantly search apps, browse Trending Searches, even your Contacts, for more thorough and targeted results.

3.  Create a personalized workspace.

Use Home Edit to change the font, set the icon size, change the color of icon labels, and even add more pages to accommodate more apps based from your personal style. 
To set these up, launch Manage Home > Home edit.

4.  Mix and match themes, wallpapers, and icons.

Change the appearance of your home screen using the Themes bubble. Use the sneak preview feature to view changes happening in real-time and the wallpaper toggle* to use themes and wallpaper.  

*Enable this to switch from one theme to another, or disable it if you want to keep your current wallpaper and use another theme’s icon pack. 

5. Scroll your screens using cool transitions.

Liven up your screens using animated transitions from Scroll effects. Choose from the available options to make app browsing more fun and enjoyable.

To set these up, launch Manage Home > Scroll effects.

6.  Organize apps using Smart group. 

Using Smart group, you can download apps and instantly categorize them into folders. This gives you more space to easily find the apps you need from categorized folders.   

To set these up, launch Manage Home > Apps & widgets > upper right menu icon > Smart group.

7. Hide apps to protect your privacy. 

Use the Hide apps feature to protect your app privacy especially if somebody else uses your device. You can access Hide apps from Manage Home > Apps & widgets > upper right menu icon If you’re using One layer mode, you can access Hide apps from Manage Home > More.

If you want those apps to show up again onscreen, just repeat the same steps for hiding apps then tap the eye icon to uncheck hidden apps. Tap Done when finished.

8.  Choose a grid size for your apps layout. 

Choose a grid size that fits your app layout using the Preferences bubble. In here, tap Home screen then Grid size to set spaces between apps on the launcher screens or the All Apps screen.

To set these up, launch Manage Home > Preferences > Home screen > Grid size.

9.  Display apps in one or more screens using One layer or Two layer mode.

Organize your apps using One layer mode or Two layer mode. One layer mode lets you view all apps in multiple screens while Two layer mode gives you that original Android experience with the All Apps button in the center. 

To set these up, launch Manage Home > Preferences > Home screen > Layout.

Note: In One layer mode, you can add the All apps widget so you can view all apps in alphabetical order. 

10.  Disable or uninstall apps instantly. 

Got apps you no longer need? Uninstall or disable them using Apps & Widgets. This easy alternative lets you remove apps completely in just a few taps.  

To set these up, launch Manage Home > Apps & widgets > upper right menu icon > Uninstall/Disable.

Note: Exceptions may apply--some preloaded apps can't be uninstalled due to configurations of individual brands/systems.

Try these tips to experience intuitive, fast, and stylish mobile computing via ZenUI Launcher, available on Google Play. 

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